Wednesday, August 27, 2014


After it became known that Lois Lerner was an instrumental figure in the IRS targeting scandal and after she resigned while Congress was subpoenaing everything and anything regarding the scandal, the IRS took the IRS issued cellphone used by Lerner and wiped it clean. 

In all probability, the same Obama team that erased or locked up all of his birth records, immigration documents, college transcripts, social security information and dog license history has been out there in force over recent months erasing all traces of Lerner emails.  I’m reasonably sure that her personally-owned PC has also crashed. Of course, no one is mentioning the multi-billion-dollar NSA facility in Utah that records everything.   

Q. I see your position is that we cannot legally go after I.S.I.S. in Syrian if Assad doesn’t give us permission.  What do we do if he refuses?  (Carol ~ Arlington, TX)
A. Nuke Assad. 

Q. The federal government is warning that any action against I.S.I.S. could result in retaliatory attacks from U.S. based terrorist cells.  How did they get here in the first place?  (Lynette ~ Edmonds, WA)
A. They walked across the Mexican border or they are U.S. citizens who became radicalized Muslims. WE… I repeat, you and I and our friends, relatives and neighbors allowed it to happen because WE have not been demanding responsibility in our government.  That’s a fact.  And right now, they’re growing like toadstools in a manure patch. 

Q. What do you make of the report that the State Department is using our taxpayer dollars to purchase Obama-written books?  (Quint ~ Santa Maria, CA)
A. Come on, Obama is just trying to raise enough money to cover his green fees.  Have reasonable expectations: most liars are crooks as well. 

“Most liars are crooks as well.” ~ Unknown Scribbler


Tuesday, August 26, 2014


According to a late news development yesterday from FOX NEWS, Tom Fitton who is the president of the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch says that Justice Department attorneys have intimated that Lois Lerner's "lost" emails likely exist in back-up computers.  Fitton said DOJ attorneys told him the federal government backs up all computer records to ensure the continuity of government in event of a catastrophe.  Further, "Somebody in Lois Lerner's position has an executive assistant who has access to her email just as though she did," said Morgan Wright, a computer forensics expert. "So whatever email comes into Lois Lerner’s box goes into her administrator’s box as well.” 

The Administration and the I.R.S. continue to insist that no such backup system existed in the Lerner email case.  They are fumbling for an answer as to the executive assistant postulation.  It appears to me and all of us that someone very high up is lying.  And just who is it who has the all-time record for telling lies in Washington?  Would we let John Gotti get away with such lies? 

Q. What do you make of Syria’s demand that we get permission before bombing any I.S.I.S. sites in that country?  (Ivy ~ Provo, UT)
A. Syria is totally within its rights as a sovereign nation to insist on that.  If they were to deny such permission and we were to do it anyway, that would justifiably be an act of war on our part.  Besides, I would recommend against jumping into bed with Assad against I.S.I.S.  Those who get into bed with snakes are likely to get bit.  Anyone who doesn’t believe Assad is a snake hasn’t been paying attention to his rattle.  And all of that considered, Obama says he's authorizing drone strikes in Syria.  I sometimes think he invented the words "dumb idea."

Q. I am appalled that the White House sent so many dignitaries to Brown’s funeral.  I don’t think they had that many delegates at Chris Stephens 'funeral and, as I understand it, they didn’t have that many delegates at Thatcher’s funeral.  (Marlin ~ Lancaster, CA)
A. Neither Stephens nor Thatcher was Black.  That is plain speaking, from atop the mountain. 

Q. Chicago’s murder rate has hit a 56-year low as concealed carry permits become the norm.  How can the anti-gunners ignore the facts?  (Danny ~ Bend, OR)
A. Because the facts do not fit their agenda.  Their agenda consists of disarming America, even when we’re faced with the threats of terrorism and runaway government.  We must always be vigilant and soundly stop any attempt to strip us of our Constitutional rights and believe me, our government is full of strippers. 

“I am politically incorrect, that’s true.  Political correctness to me is just intellectual terrorism.  I find that really scary, and I won’t be intimidated into changing my mind.  Everyone isn’t going to love you all the time.”  ~ Mel Gibson


Monday, August 25, 2014


The Association of American Medical Colleges says we will be short 91,500 or more physicians in this country by 2020.  Not only are doctors retiring or leaving the profession in droves, but the numbers of people seeking health care are increasing as ObamaCare takes hold. 

The next natural step is to require a certain percentage of college students to become doctors; the government will begin choosing your vocations for you. 

Q. Did you feel the Napa earthquake in Burney?  (Willie ~ Santa Rosa, CA)
A. No.  But, waking up to those pictures of broken wine and liquor bottles strewn around scared the hell out of me; all of that good booze going to waste… such a shame.  It’s an alcoholic’s worst nightmare.  

Q. We haven’t heard much about the Keystone Pipeline lately.  What’s up?  (Jeff ~ Bangor, ME)
A. Not much, except the price of gas.  We continue to put ourselves at energy risk by refusing to expand our capacity.  We need a couple of new and sophisticated refineries and have had that need for years.  Even if we get more oil out of the ground, we have to be able to refine it.  Due to the lack of capacity, oil companies are taking gas rigs out of production.   Obama is doing everything he can to stall and my thinking is that he will veto it as soon as the November elections are over… presuming he’s still in office.     

Q.  The Obama Administration has seized half-a-million acres of land in New Mexico by declaring it to be a national monument.  Once again, this puts the BLM and NPS against the ranchers who have been grazing livestock on those lands for decades.  What’s your opinion?  (Ken ~ Roswell, NM)
A. We need to investigate to see if Harry Reid’s son has a deal with the Chinese to lease some of that land to them for solar production.  I don’t think any lands should be withdrawn from public use without the consent of the American public.  It is our land, not the government’s.  The next thing you know, they’ll be naming it the “Barack Hussein Obama National Memorial Park” and they’ll be erecting a huge statue of him leading the country with his 9-iron.   

“I learned one thing from jumping motorcycles that was of great value on the golf course, the putting green especially: Whatever you do, don’t come up short.”  ~ Evil Knievel


Saturday, August 23, 2014


Oklahoma Republican Sen. Jim Inhofe has warned that Islamic State extremists are attempting to develop a weapon to blow up a major city in the United States. "They're crazy out there, and they're rapidly developing a method of blowing up a major U.S. city and people just can't believe that's happening," he said.

Between the Pakistani nukes, North Korea and Iran, the odds are chillingly in their favor.  And they are a “Junior Varsity” organization? Thank God we've got a strong southern border. 


Q. Secretary of Defense Hagel says I.S.I.S. is far more dangerous that Al Qaeda was before 9/11.  What are we going to do about that? (Dick ~ Sebastopol, CA)
A. I’ll let you know after I sink this putt. 

Q. Just what is so wrong about having the F.B.I. go after the terrorist who beheaded Foley? (Sabrina ~ Las Vegas, NV)
A. Even if, in the wildest imagination of Eric Holder, we were able get agents into Iraq, identify, find the culprit, arrest him or her and extract that person successfully without losing the agents’ heads… we would have accomplished nothing toward the imperative objective of neutralizing the I.S.I.S. movement.  Who is kidding who?  The idea is somewhat akin to sending a Chihuahua to a dog fight. War is war and very different than crime. 

Q. What government agencies are armed?  (Kevin ~ Sacramento, CA)
A. Virtually all of them, with the exception of the Library of Congress which just turned its arsenal in.  The I.R.S., by the way, can’t locate Lerner’s emails but can readily find its assault rifles.  You would think that if any agency was going into a touchy situation, they’d have the Secret Service, F.B.I. or U.S. Marshall’s with them.  So why do they need all of these guns, especially when Obama is so adamantly against them?  It’s called intimidation,  oppression and "up yours."   


“They [illegal aliens] essentially have become the backbone of our economy.” ~ Debbie Wasserman-Schultz 


Friday, August 22, 2014


The BLAZE is carrying a video of a police shooting on August 19th in St. Louis.  Kajieme Powell was allegedly carrying a knife and had just robbed a convenience store, (petty theft, I think).  The video shows him hanging around outside the store when cops showed up; he yelled at them to shoot him, wandered around a bit and started toward the police car.  There was plenty of distance between him and the officer who opened fire and killed him after several shots. 


At his point, I do not know whether Powell was black or green.  Had I been the officer, I would not have shot him dead; I would have tried to taze him or maybe to him in the foot or leg.  This appears to me to be a totally unjustified police shooting.  I’m guessing that, since Al Sharpton didn’t show up, the guy was not a Black. 


Q. I read that less than half of the Chicago residents want Obama to build a Presidential Library there?  (Olaf ~ Wisconsin Rapids, WI)
A. That’s correct; only 47%.  And 45% are against it with 8% undecided.  What they are saying, in essence, is that Obama’s library should be built in his real home town of Under-A-Rock, Kenya. 

Q. I too think it was a crummy idea for Obama to go golfing minutes after discussing the beheading of Foley.  (Jason ~ Twin Falls, ID)
A. Obama is totally apathetic as to what anyone else thinks or feels about anything.  He has no feelings and he doesn’t care whether we care about his insensitivity or not; he’s the epitome of being a sociopath.  If it’s any consolation, he only lost 45 balls in the golf round; but you paid for them.  

Q. I understand Christian owners of a farm in New York are facing a huge fine because they refused to allow a gay wedding to take place on their property.  (Lee ~ Carson, CA)
A. The farm owners rent it out for special events; they told the couple they could have a reception there, but refused to allow them to get married there.  They have gay employees and have hosted gay events I the past, but have never allowed a gay marriage there.  The Judge ruled that their business is a public business and that subjects them to the law which endorses same sex marriages. I’m for them; the fact that the gays chose to make an issue out of it instead of taking their marriage business somewhere else where someone might want the income tells me that the gays don’t give a damned about the religious beliefs of the property owners, and I would not have allowed it either; there is such a thing as freedom of religion and I don’t give a damn what the New York law says on the subject.   


“We had gay burglars the other night.  They broke in and rearranged the furniture.” ~ Robin Williams


Thursday, August 21, 2014


“No God would stand for what they did yesterday and what they do every single day.” That was President Obama Wednesday talking about the I.S.I.S. beheading of American journalist James Foley. 


I guess that means Obama is an atheist?  His statement would justify that position; if no God would stand for it, there can be no God.  Or, perhaps, he was talking down God in his famous condescending way.  In either event, I think it takes huge family jewels to talk that way about the Creator.  The first thing you know, he’s going to lose what little ability he has to sink putts.   


Q. There are concerns that two women, one in New Mexico and one in California, may have Ebola.  Are we in for a plague?  (Eugenia ~ Portland, OR)
A. Our world is a mobile world; we travel everywhere by bus, by train, by plane, by car and by camel.  One doesn’t start exhibiting symptoms of Ebola within minutes of being exposed or infected; it takes several days during which time that individual could be in contact with many other people.  Therein lies the problem; the only real way to protect us is to totally isolate ourselves.  Whether or not they are found to have the Ebola virus, this country with all of its foreign travel is greatly at risk.  The risk is almost as great as the risk that Obama will stay on the golf course for the rest of his term. 

Q. What’s your opinion of Obama’s claim that we will have relentless pursuit of I.S.I.S. and those responsible for the beheading of an American journalist?  (Plenny ~ Georgetown, TX)
A. He sure is a busy guy, chasing down those Benghazi terrorists, those responsible for Fast & Furious, the I.R.S. emails, the V.A. scandal… on and on.  Right after he made that statement, he headed for the golf course, which IS his number one priority as President.  Yeah, he’ll get right on it, he’s so cool. 

Q. So, they actually did try to free I.S.I.S. hostages?  (Ogden ~ Pittsburg, CA)
A. Last summer they did try to rescue some hostages, but could not locate them.  Now, why would you put the military at risk by sending them on a wild goose chase in I.S.I.S. territory? And why would you tell the world so they would know what a fool you were for ordering the raid?  What’s that guy smoking these days?   


“It took me seventeen years to get three thousand hits in baseball.  I did it in one afternoon on the golf course.” ~Hank Aaron


Wednesday, August 20, 2014


A recent Gallup Poll shows only 19% of Americans feel most members of Congress should be reelected.  “These negative evaluations of Congress have historically been related to lower rates of incumbent re-election in midterm elections and a higher turnover of congressional seats,” Gallup reports. 


All I can say is that if Americans vote their hearts in November according to the above poll, it just could be a very happy day in the country. 


Q. What ever happened to that Russian convoy of “humanitarian goods” that was headed toward Ukraine?  (Marla ~ Lexington, KY)
A. Part of the convoy was destroyed.  Another convoy which was removing some civilians from Lugansk was also destroyed by rebel army forces and resulted in the deaths of 17 civilians.  And the Russian army continues to provide ammunition and arms to the rebels.  In the meantime, with little fanfare I might add, Russia is staking a claim to the entire Arctic ice cap, citing an underwater shelf that extends there from Russia.  Between Siberia and the Arctic, one gets the impression that the Russians like their vodka a tad on the cold side. 

Q. The story is that there is a lawsuit against 12 federal agencies for refusing to comply with requests for emails and other documents.  Can you fill me in?  (Seth ~ Shreveport, LA)
A. A conservative group, Cause of Action, wants the documents in order to see whether agencies are being forced to channel basic public-information requests through the White House, so that politically sensitive material can be screened. They’re claiming the agencies are stonewalling under the direction of the White House.  How do you like Obama’s definition of “transparency?”  How can you equate a steel reinforced concrete wall with “transparency?” 

Q. The D.O.J. is insisting that police departments absolutely need more military equipment.  How can they justify that?  (Charlie ~ Yuma, AZ)
A. Leaked documents from the Department of Homeland Security suggest that police militarization is only likely to increase as officials claim that they are planning for increased “anti-government violence over the next year.”  So, this is how that stacks up: the government is doing more and more things to rob us of our liberties and bank accounts and we’re getting angry about it.  In response, they are going to load up police departments and government agencies with assault rifles, SUV’s, tanks, Humvees and bullet-proof vests and they want us to turn in our guns.  Okay, Fido, roll over and play dead. 


“He who allows oppression shares the crime.” ~ Desiderius Erasmus