Friday, November 17, 2017


Congress has a top secret slush fund of $15 million or so used to buy off women who  bring sexual misconduct charges against Members.  These are the same guys who want to hang Judge Moore out to dry.  And Members of Congress are now accusing each other of sexual harassment.  I find it sooo hard to believe, don't you?  I don't understand why they want an ethics probe;  they have no ethics to investigate! 

They treated Jeff Sessions with kid gloves in Congress the other day.  Like the rest of establishment members who have testified before Congress, he wasn't asked any questions of substance and he didn't recollect much anyway.  He has to go, and I don't mean to the restroom.

Joe Biden says the AR-15 used to bring down the Texas church shooter should be banned.  Yeah, Joe, go ahead and run for president and see what happens.

Judge Roy Moore is absolutely right on one point: Mitch McConnell has failed conservatives miserably and must be replaced.  Just as a side question, I wonder how many times Mitch has dallied with a young dish in his day?  What gets me is the number of women now coming forward claiming they were sexually harassed or mistreated 40 years ago; to me, it defies all logic that not one of them... not one... spoke up at the time... and none of their relatives or friends did, either. 

The US Army says it wants to take in recruits with histories of "depression, self-mutilation, bipolar disorder, drug & alcohol abuse." Hell, everybody in Congress is going to end up in the Army!  

McCain says he does not believe in America First.  Maybe he believes in Viet Nam first? 

Papa Johns has just made their pizza taste like bad custard over their NFL waffling.  I'm a veteran; I don't need their damned pizza.  

Anthony Weiner says he wants pen pals while he's in prison.  Get the picture?  

TODAY'S QUOTE: "One good way to prevent aging is to die early." ~ The Unknown Scribbler 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Thanks to Harvey Weinstein and the liberal cavalry, we now know that the nation is full of molesters and rapists.  The problem is that the liberals have not yet decided which is worse... rapists or racists.  All a woman has to say these days is,"I think..." and the Republican establishment, the Democrats, the main-stream media and Gloria Allred all go rabid.  In Judge Roy Moore's case, all of the above are so anxious to derail Trump's Presidency that they're more than willing to throw due process out the window. 

While the allegations against Moore may be true, who's going to prove it?  We're 40 years down the road; there's no evidence.  By failing to bring charges, the "victims" became complicit in the events years ago.  This whole scenario is nothing but a well-organized political "hit" job, and I'm sick and tired of everybody who is participating in it.  You're disgusting... all of you.  The man is entitled to his day in court before he is found guilty. 

Why hasn't the mainstream media reported on attendance at NFL games over the Veteran's Day weekend? 

Another thing not getting reported is that the Texas church shooter was shot three times... none of the bullets came from cops. 

It appears that the liberal establishment is now going after Sean Hannity.  They intend to destroy FOX NEWS one way or another. 

An emergency alert system that would have notified northern California residents that a fire was headed their way, was delayed by the Obama Administration.  Literally hundreds of residents were never notified to be ready to evacuate. 

I think the odds of Sessions actually naming a special council over the Clinton matters is about the same as the odds of the Republicans getting behind their President. 

Rand Paul is back to work in the Senate, but he is unlikely to take any ribbing.  

TODAY'S QUOTE: "If God doesn't destroy Hollywood Boulevard, he owes Sodom and Gomorrah an apology." ~ Jay Leno

Monday, November 13, 2017


Whatever happened to the idea of a flat tax?  What about getting rid of loopholes and having tax simplification?  It seems to me that things now in the works are even more complex than what they are today.  Yes, we're having changes, but to what?  We should have learned by the Obama-Pelosi healthcare example that we should be careful what we wish for; we just might get it.  The new tax plans are just like the new health care plans were: a whole lot of bullshit and nothing of substance. Maybe we shouldn't worry about it anyway; every day that goes by convinces me more and more that there's going to be no new tax plan in this Congress. 

Speaking of healthcare, I don't qualify for ObamaCare.  I'm on Medicare and just got the bill for my new supplement.  It's going up to $825 per quarter, (and that's just for me) ... 165% of what it was four years ago.  There's nobody anywhere in Washington talking about relief for middle Americans on fixed incomes.  I don't know about you, but everyone in Congress needs a good, strong enema. 

Yeah, I really agree that Bowe Bergdahl should receive $300,000 in back pay, don't you?  I mean, if you're going to insult the military and patriotic Americans by letting him off the hook,  why not just rub some serious salt in our wounds and pay him?

Then there's this Judge Roy Moore thing... some 40 years after the fact, during which the accuser(s) have kept silent, and now that he's about to become elected as a U.S. Senator, they come forward and claim they were sexually molested... all according to that venerable bastion of veracity The Washington Post.  What's worse is that the members of collective Republican "establishment,"  all of which despise Moore because he's not part of that "establishment," are crawling back under the rocks in the sewers from whence they came.  

I see that Little Rock, AR has no interest in bringing in the new "second" headquarters for Amazon along with 50,000 new jobs and $5 billion in construction costs.  While that would certainly jack up real estate values and add to the local economy, I think the residents figure they'll have much more trouble finding a place to park.  

TODAY'S QUOTE: "The short memories of American voters is what keeps our politicians in office." ~Will Rogers

Friday, November 10, 2017


They're now alleging that  the Star Spangled Banner is racist.  I guess everything that's American is racist these days; I checked the labels and it's even time to change underwear. 

MS-13 is running around killing people and causing mayhem.  I think it's time the Democrats confiscated their guns.

A self-driving shuttle has crashed in Las Vegas, where they just launched the project.  Well, the whole idea was a roll of the dice to start with...

A UPS driver was delivering a package to a house in Oregon when he heard a loud plea for help coming from inside.  So, he called the cops.  They showed up, presumably with guns drawn, and discovered that the cries for help were coming from the family's pet parrot.  The owner's name?  You guessed it: Susan Baird

A good chuck of San Francisco is built on very unstable ground.  There's a monster building there called the Millennium Tower which has sunk more than a foot and is still sinking.  Residents are afraid that the project will soon be under water...

Interesting headline of the day... "The Dangers of a Bowel Obstruction."  I'm not kidding; it was on FOXNEWS.COM in the health section.  Okay... I'll quit talking politics.

Well, police just arrested a man at an Indian airport.  At the time of his arrest, he was wearing a condom stuffed with heroin, among another thing.  I wonder if his last name is Weinstein? 

TODAY'S QUOTE: "The word 'racism' is like ketchup.  It can be put on practically anything... and demanding evidence makes you a 'racist.'" ~ Thomas Sowell

Wednesday, November 8, 2017


We always knew the DNC and the Clinton Mob were as corrupt and crooked as you can get.  I could never figure out why someone within some facet of their criminal empires wasn't coming forward to squeal.  Given the fact that she had provided Hillary with debate questions in advance, the last person I expected to pop off at the gums was Donna Brazile.  But, bless her pea pickin' little old heart, she's singing like a canary. 

What you can expect now is that more rats, each trying to save him or herself from political disaster and avoid time in the Federal pokey, will come forward and add their little tales of "oversights, misinterpretations, spins and lies" to the pile while others shuck and duck and point their knobby little fingers of blame at whoever happens to be in the line of fire.  Those bullets of blame are going to be flying in Washington much faster than even an AK-47 can spit them out.  Maybe that's why they're all so high on gun control? 

I see someone has been ribbing Rand Paul.   

A Dallas man was arrested at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue after traveling to Washington to kill all white police.  Why is it that so many nutcases show up at the White House?  Just sayin'...

There was a car crash near Nisku, Alberta.  When cops arrived, they found five naked occupants in the car.  Police think drugs or alcohol may have been a factor.  There's evidently no truth to the rumor that they're all from the Harvey Weinstein family.  

Speaking of nudity in public, there's a new restaurant in Paris for nude dining only.  It's called O'naturel and they're getting a lot of people to hang out there... 

"The world changed.  Hollywood changed.  I think we've lost something and we don't know how to get it back." ~ Roy Rogers 

Monday, November 6, 2017


This Daylight Savings Time is about the dumbest thing I have ever heard of.  We changed time yesterday, now it takes six months to get used to it and then... boom... we change time back. It's no wonder we're always grouchy.   One of the big arguments is that school kids are more vulnerable in the dark; well, why not just change the school hours, then?  Another argument is that you get an "extra hour" to do things in the summertime; there are no "extra hours."  There are only 24 hours in any one day.  One big argument against changing time after time after time is about us old farts.  We're more stubborn and set in our ways and America should respect its elders.  If you want to keep changing your sleep patterns, just reset your own damned clocks and leave the rest of us alone.

Well, this German discovered what he thought was a World War II bomb in his backyard.  After all of these years, it just suddenly appeared?  And it was just laying there, right on top of the ground.  So, he called the cops and they went rushing over to his place with the bomb squad in tow, sirens blaring.  Yeah, it turned out to be an extra-large zucchini.  They have all just qualified themselves to be Members of Congress.

I would guess that the odds of anyone in the Clinton Mob being held accountable for their dirty and illegal deeds are about the same as the odds ObamaCare will ever be repealed or that true tax reform will ever be passed.   I'm also inclined to think we should tar and feather every politician and bureaucrat in Washington and then run them out of the country on a flight back to Mars.

If you caught the Oklahoma - OSU game Saturday you'd certainly have to agree that the NFL isn't worth the time of day or the price of admission.  Who wants to pay that kind of money to watch a bunch of idiots make poison ivy out of themselves? 

Have you noticed that everyone in the country is talking about sexual harassment except Bill Clinton?

Obama and Pelosi played a horrible trick on America with ObamaCare.  But, they taught us a lesson: when the scalawags are all touting how good something is in Washington, it probably is not.  Now, the Ryans the McConnells the the Trumps of Washington are all touting their new tax plan as being the best thing to happen to the country since the Declaration of Independence.   Just sayin'...

"It's daylight savings time, then it isn't.  You spring forward, then you fall back.  It's like the Republicans getting out of bed." ~ The Unknown Scribbler

Friday, November 3, 2017


Colin Kapernick's attorney says Kaepernick is on the verge of signing a contract with an NFL team.  It seems hard to fathom a team willing to take on a player who is suing the NFL alleging collusion by team owners against him.  Given Kaepernick's abhorrent conduct and the NFL's blatant disrespect for American patriotism, I would suggest that they can all rot in hell, but I suspect that even hell wouldn't want them in.  

Why is it that Paul Manafort gets indicted over things that happened as far back as 2002 while Hillary Clinton goes Scott free?  It's obvious that George Soros, through Clinton and the "establishment," now rules everything in the country.  King George III has been reincarnated.  Anybody for a good, old fashioned Boston Tea Party?

The Economist, a left-wing magazine, says the U.S. Armed Forces are not patriotic Americans; the only reason they fight, according to the left, is to help their comrades.  It also says Americans have a hopeless romantic love affair with the military.  Well, they are very lucky they're not in my foxhole and that, my friends, is why I have more than one gun and a big pile of ammo.

News reports suggest that the FBI has been busy trying to determine a motive for the NYC terrorist attack.   Duh?  Anybody knows that terrorism is its own motive.  If they have to ask that question, I think the FBI needs a glass stomach so it can find its way around.

Antifa, MS-13, BLM, Mexican drug cartel, ISIS... The left says don't worry, we're strong, continue on with business as usual, don't be afraid, don't get angry.  I say, bull... The governments, federal state and local, are not going to protect us; they've made that evident.  We need to get angry.  We need to arm ourselves to the teeth and get ready to fight, because that is what it is going to come to if we continue to allow officials to stick their heads in the sand and do nothing about it. 

And how about this great new tax plan?  It looks to me like a lot of dumbo mumbo-jumbo.  Well, you get a larger individual tax deduction, the rates are a tad lower... and the exclusions of current deductions are of enormous affect.  Could our government be foisting a "smoke and mirrors" slight-of-hand on us?  No... no way... not our politicians; they'd just never do that. 

So, Hillary took total control of the DNC in 2015 and stacked the deck to prevent any possibility of Bernie winning the election?  Wouldn't you refer to that as a "rigged election?"   Could it be that Team Trump beat her at her own game?  Maybe that's why she's so pissed off.  

"Politicians spend a great deal of their time shoveling smoke and cow manure." ~ The Unknown Scribbler