Saturday, May 27, 2017



Friday, May 26, 2017


The illustrious Environmental Protection Agency is after John Duarte who has 450 acres of land near Modesto, California.  Part of the land had been designated by the EPA as being “seasonal wetlands.”  So, Duarte contacted the EPA and got a map of the “wetlands” areas; then then proceeded to plow and plant the undesignated land.  The EPA then sent a field agent who, without going onto the land although invited, determined that Duarte had broken the law by plowing the “seasonal wetlands.”  The EPA subsequently charged Duarte with violating the Clean Water Act and failing to obtain the necessary permit to plow, and claimed the map he was working with was invalid.  It’s ended up in court with the EPA seeking to collect $2.8 million in fines. 

One can only assume that this whole scenario started when Duarte registered to vote as a Republican. 

Q. Is it true that Sean Hannity has been fired from FOX NEWS?  (Mia ~ Gardnerville, NV)
A. Anything is possible; FOX NEWS seems to be bound and determined to become a new liberal news and opinion outlet.  They had aired coverage indicating that Seth Rich may have leaked DNC and Clinton Campaign material to WikiLeaks just before his mysterious and as yet unsolved murder on a Washington street.  FOX NEWS backed away from that story, but did not retract it.  Hannity vowed Wednesday night to vigorously pursue the story.  Then, he suddenly announced an “early” Memorial Day vacation starting Thursday.  Such “early” and unannounced time off seems to be the precursor to firing by the media company.  As you probably know, Hannity is the only one left at FOX NEWS who is getting any decent ratings.  The liberals seem to be winning their battles at every turn. 

Q. Why did the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals rule against Trump’s temporary ban on immigration from Middle Eastern countries?  (Einar ~ St. Paul, MN)
A. Because they’d rather see more terrorist bombings in the U.S. than to see Trump succeed at anything.   Hopefully, the Supreme Court will administer some common sense to the situation. 

Q. How come the horrible and insensitive treatment of a 14-year-old girl with ADHD hasn’t made the news?  (Sable ~ Chiloquin, OR)
A. The teachers at a Conyers, Georgia middle school sent the girl home with a year-end award for being the most likely not to pay attention.   I’m sure they smugly thought they were doing the right thing.  The reason it hasn’t made the news is that the story doesn’t fit the liberal agenda. 

“He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it.  He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.” ~ Martin Luther King Jr. 


Thursday, May 25, 2017


The PORTLAND MERCURY in Oregon has succeeded in closing down Kooks Burritos.  The popular eatery was recently featured in Willamette Week, and the owners told about how they journeyed to Mexico and learned how to make genuine tortillas.  The PORTLAND MERCURY and other local liberal news sources started a campaign accusing the owners of ripping the recipes off of poor Mexican families.   

Well, I guess we’ll all have to quit eating pizza, too.  How anal can you get?  Oh, and by the way, the place was located on Cesar Chavez Avenue. 

Q. Is it true that Chuck Schumer’s father was buggy?  (Bridgette ~ Greensboro, NC)
A. He was in the exterminating business, and obviously did not get rid of all the fleas. 

Q. If Trump isn’t guilty of anything in a “Russian-Trump” conspiracy, why is he lawyering up?  (Kingston ~ Hereford, TX)
A. You never go into a battle unless you are well-prepared.  And when you’re surrounded by sharks, your best defense is to have a bigger, badder shark by your side.   

Q. FOX NEWS came out with a story that Seth Rich was murdered shortly after he provided information about the Clinton campaign to WikiLeaks.  They’ve backed away from that story, but haven’t retracted it.  What’s going on?  (Jason ~ Petaluma, CA)
A. Maybe they got warned by Clinton to back off… or else.  Rich is not the first person associated with the Clintons to die under mysterious circumstances after supposedly doing something to cross them.  That doesn’t mean the Clintons had anything to do with the deaths… Just sayin’…

“Thank you, hard taco shells, for surviving the long journey from factory, to supermarket, to my plate, and then breaking the moment I put something inside you.  Thank you.” ~ Jimmy Fallon


Wednesday, May 24, 2017


CBS has done it again.  David Leavitt, a freelance writer, Tweets: “MULTIPLE CONFIRMED FATALITIES at Manchester Arena.  The last time I listened to Ariana Grande, I almost died too.” 

You can smell a liberal slime 20 miles away. 

Q. Any thoughts on the dozens of students who walked out on Vice President Pence’s graduation address?  (Velma ~ Woodland, CA)
A. They have a right not to listen to Pence’s speech.  It wasn’t very classy of them to walk out, but I do congratulate them for not being disruptive and trying to prevent others from hearing the speech.  They must not be died-in-the-wool left-wing liberals.  

Q. President Trump is proposing to sell off our national strategic oil reserves.  Do you think that’s a good idea?  (Chick ~ Costa Mesa, CA)
A. Historically speaking, as I remember it, it seems that every time we sell off that reserve oil, we get into some kind of energy crisis.  And its value in terms of dollars of potential revenue to the government is a mere drop in the bucket. 

Q. I hear once again that FOX NEWS ratings are in a huge downward tailspin.  What do you think will happen with them?  (Lela ~ Hurricane, UT)
A. Maybe Ted Turner will buy them.  I look for Rupert Murdoch to throw his two idiotic sons out.   

“If people in the media cannot decide whether they are in the business of reporting news or manufacturing propaganda, it is all the more important that the public understand the difference and choose their news sources accordingly.” ~ Thomas Sowell


Friday, May 19, 2017


There’s a plan afoot to have Congress invoke a provision of the 25th Amendment and assert that President Trump is unable to function as President, thereby handing the presidency to Mike Pence. 


Not only would such a move not get past the Supreme Court, but it would certainly throw this country into a civil war… and the way things are going right now, we’re damned close to that anyway. Buy more ammo. 


Q. The guy who built FOX NEWS into what it is, Roger Ailes, is dead.  What do you think will happen there now?  (Desmond ~ Newport Beach, CA)
A. It is already dying itself.  People who have been there for many years know that it will never again be what it once was.  The brilliant selection of commenters, hosts  and personalities, the tremendous and mostly unbiased reporting… they’re already gone.  They’ve now relegated themselves to being part of the “mainstream media.” 

Q. I just heard that FOX NEWS cutie Kimberly Guilfoyle is being considered for Press Secretary at the White House.  What’s wrong with Spicer and how do you think she’d do in the job?  (Dennis ~ Palo Alto, CA)
A. There have been too many gaffes, too many leaks, too many confused messages coming out of the White House communications team.  Part of that is Trump’s fault, but the biggest chunk of the blame belongs to Spicer.  As for Kimberly… she’s easy on the eyes and is well-spoken, but I think the ugly press would eat her alive.  I also think she’s much too smart to jump into the snake pit.   

Q. Any comment on Robert Mueller for Special Prosecutor? (Winifred ~ Lake Geneva, WI)  
A. Oh, he comes so highly recommended from both political parties.  So did James Comey.   


“It is no coincidence that all of the inmates at the asylum are either journalists or Democrats, or both.” ~ The Unknown Scribbler


Thursday, May 18, 2017


FOX NEWS Legal Analyst Judge Anthony Napolitano says Judge Antonin Scalia told him that he suspected the Obama regime was spying on him and the Supreme Court. 

We already know that the Obama Mafia was the most ruthless cesspool of corrupt and conniving idiots ever to assemble in any one city in the United States.  If they had the audacity to spy on the Senate, they surely would want to know what was going on with some of those major legal cases in the Supreme Court. 

Q. Do you think there is any validity to Comey’s allegations that Trump asked him to stop the investigation into Michael Flynn?  (Mindi ~ Oakdale, CA)
A. If there’s any substance to it at all and Comey did not reveal it, he’s guilty of a horrible breach of integrity and responsibility to the American people.  So, I think that’s all a fabrication, but then again… he’s proven himself to be a disappointing traitor to the legal profession anyway. 

Q. Any word on how FOX NEWS is doing after their multiple shakeups?  (Clifford ~ Tempe, AZ)
A. Believe it or not, and I never thought I’d see the day, but MSNBC is gaining on them every day by leaps and bounds.  Old man Murdoch has called an emergency meeting with his sons and staffers to address the issues.  I actually think the FOX NEWS empire is on its way out. Will someone please, please start a decent, objective, down-to-earth news channel?

Q. Did California’s Governor Brown call his taxpayers “freeloaders?”  (Tiffany ~ Las Vegas, NV)
A. Yep, that he did.  He says that they’re a bunch of deplorables because they’re fighting his huge increases in state gas taxes and car registration fees.  It’s going to be far less expensive for people to drive hundreds of miles to Nevada, Oregon or Arizona and fill up with gas than to do it in California.    

“We don’t seem to be able to check crime, so why not legalize it and then tax it out of business?” ~ Will Rogers