Saturday, December 20, 2014


Word has it that president Hussein is going to visit Havana in the immediate future… shortly after a visit by Secretary of State John Kerry during the first part of the New Year. 
Ahh yes… A fine Cuban cigar, a drought of Cuban beer, a sunny day in Castro’s Rose Garden, and $100 billion in foreign aid to Cuba.  Isn’t life wonderful? Just shut up and fork over your share. 

Q. China has tested a new intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching any city in the U.S.  You don’t think they would ever fire one off at us, do you?  (Sondra ~ Bellingham, WA)
A. If they had no intentions of ever firing such a missile off at us, why did they build it?  Enjoy your wonton soup tonight. 

Q. We haven’t heard much about care at V.A. hospitals lately.  Is the problem resolved?  (Harvey ~ Twin Falls, ID)
A. Far from it.  One in 10 of Veterans Affairs patients — more than 600,000 vets — are still waiting at least a month to see a doctor at hospitals and clinics.  There has been some decline in those waiting, primarily because the V.A. is now letting them see private doctors.  This problem is not going to be resolved overnight; now that the public furor is over, it’ll probably take decades, if it ever does happen. 

Q. How do you feel about SONY backing down from North Korea on their movie?  (Gwen ~ College Park, TX)
A. When the movie is eventually released, since we’re all obviously chomping at the bit to see what’s in it, SONY will make extra hundreds of millions of dollars. 

“A good film is when the price of the dinner, the theatre admission and the babysitter were worth it.” ~ Alfred Hitchcock


Friday, December 19, 2014


According to NEWSMAX.COM, the climate change theory that man-made global warming is caused by an increase of greenhouse gases "is the greatest scientific fraud in history," says John Casey, president of the Space and Science Research Corporation. 

I disagree.  The greatest scientific fraud in history is the proposition that Barack Hussein Soetoro Obama was born in Honolulu. 

Q. How bad is Russia’s economic disaster? (Colleen ~ Susanville, CA)
A. Not anywhere near as bad as some would have you believe.  Putin just wants the rest of the world to feel sorry for him so he can continue to rape and plunder unabated in the Ukraine.  The proof?  It costs a helluva lot of moola to conduct war, but Putin has not cut back one iota.  But, Obama believes Putin and we can expect an Executive Order to bail out Russia at any moment.  After all, we owe them big time for extracting Obama’s ass from the fire over the Syrian “red line.” 

Q. McCain and Rubio say they are going to block Obama’s recognition of relations with Cuba.  Your thoughts?  (Fess ~ Santa Ynez, CA)
A. Show me one time… just one time… that Congress has succeeded in blocking anything… anything at all… that Obama has done and I’ll buy you and your significant other dinner at the Waldorf in San Francisco.  Never mind that there’s no Waldorf in San Francisco; we are talking fantasy, aren’t we? 

Q. What do you think of the new Surgeon General who says that guns are a health issue?  (Ben ~ Helena, MT)
A. I guess you could say he is correct: if you are peppered with 16 rounds of 7mm ammo, you’re not healthy.  Other than that, I don’t know if there is any proof that he ever practiced medicine or graduated from a school of medicine. 

TODAY’S QUOTE: (Why we don’t need to liberate Cuba)
“I am Fidel Castro and we have come to liberate Cuba.” ~ Fidel Castro


Thursday, December 18, 2014


NASA started construction in Texas on a special test tower in 2007.  The facility is designed to test the effects of space vacuum on rocket engines.  In 2010, the space program for which the facility was designed was cancelled, but construction continued anyway, regardless of cost overruns.  As soon as construction was completed, the facility was closed. 

NASA blew $349 billion in wasted spending in 2014 alone.  How many millions of people in this country will go to bed hungry tonight? 

Q. What do you think of the move to establish better U.S. Government relations with Cuba?  (Yale ~ Greeley, CO)
A. To be honest with you, I’d be much happier if our government would work to establish better relations with US, as citizens.  The next thing we know, Obama will be having a beer with Putin in the Rose Garden.  No, scratch that; Putin’s probably busy loading missiles onto a Russian freighter for shipping to Havana.   

Q. What do you think happened to all of the water on Mars?  (Jim ~ Klamath Falls, OR)
A. Global warming.  What NASA is not telling us is that they’ve found a statue of Al Gore up there. 

Q. Sony is cancelling release of “The Interview,” previously set for December, due to the hacking of their computers.  So, North Korea wins?  (Brent ~ Lansing, MI)
A. Don’t be so critical.  Obama is working hard to establish better relations with North Korea. 

“I was not chosen to be president to restore capitalism to Cuba.  I was elected to defend, maintain and continue to perfect socialism, not destroy it.” ~ Raul Castro


Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Ratings of CNN and CNN Headline News have been sinking like the Titanic and executives are now considering cutting back on news programming and going for comedy shows or game shows.    

You’ll notice they have already cut back on much news programming and introduced other shows.  They soon discovered that reruns of THE FORENSIC FILES bring in more viewers than their news programming.  They’ve even moved their news product to the left of MSNBC in a desperate attempt to get more viewers.  Can you imagine replacing the Robin Meade program with Howdy Doody? 

Q. Do you think it’s possible that the prisoners who escaped from Alcatraz back in 1962 could still be alive?  (Sarah ~ Redding, CA)
A. The odds were against them even making it from the prison to the water, but they obviously did.  The odds were also against them making it to land, but who knows?  One thing I do know is that they would all be in their 80’s by now, so the odds of them still being alive are very slim… unless, of course, they took their Geritol.     

Q. What do you make of the Sony hackings?  (Bruce ~ Santa Clara, CA)
A. I’ve never seen so many people squirm so much; talk about looking into a bucket of worms!  The real issue, of course, is how do businesses, the government and you protect data from incursion by hackers?  We need to hire a Bill Gates to develop a reliable form of protection… something more reliable than Trojans.    

Q.  Do you think we are safer today than we were going in to 9/11?  (Casey ~ Kansas City, MO)
A. Absolutely not.  We didn’t have a socialistic, holier-than-thou jackass for a president in 2001.  Just how do you think Obama would have dealt with 9/11? 

“Further, the next generation of terrorists will grow up in a digital world, with ever more powerful and easy-to-use hacking tools at their disposal.” ~ Dorothy Denning



PATRIOT UPDATE is reporting that Obama is using government agencies to try and get Israel to dump Benjamin Netanyahu.  The White House has singled out Netanyahu as standing in the way of Obama’s utopian vision for a new Middle East and Persian Gulf.”

And there are still Jews in this country who think Obama walks on water. 

Q. Ted Cruz says if the Republican hierarchy doesn’t stand up for something, and if they keep putting up the Doles, McCain’s and Romney’s of the country, Republicans are again going to stay home in the 2016 elections.  Do you agree?  (Chip ~ Yakima, WA)
A. If the Republicans keep on doing what they have done since the 2014 mid-terms, there will be a new party which will bury the Republican Party forever.  Americans are sick and tired of not being properly represented in Washington.  In fact, elephants could actually do a better job of it. 

Q. Can you weigh in again on the one-sided C.I.A. report that Feinstein dumped on America last week?  I can’t believe she did that, fully knowing that some lives of C.I.A. operatives could be greatly endangered.  (Giles ~ Rio Rancho, NM)
A. Why not publish Feinstein’s home address on a terrorism website?  Turnabout is fair play, isn’t it? 

Q. Do you really believe that all cops are lily pure?  (Kammy ~ Houston, TX)
A. Every segment of society has its bad guys or its lunatics.  In Victoria, near you, a cop stopped a 76-year-old man because he didn’t have a safety sticker on the window of his car.  The man pointed out that he had dealer plates and was exempt until the vehicle was sold.  To make a long story short, he ended up in cuffs after being tasered.  There was absolutely no evidence on the dash cam of any physical resistance by the man.  I would say that this cop should find another vocation.  He’d probably make a great lion tamer for a circus. 

“A recent police study found that you’re more likely to get shot by a fat cop I you run.” ~ Dennis Miller