Monday, April 27, 2015


NEWSMAX MAGAZINE is reporting the National Research Council is considering the implementation of various schemes to counter the effects of “global warming.”  Among the ideas being considered: (1) spraying the clouds with aerosols to cool the climate as would a volcanic eruption; (2) installing giant scrubbers to clean the air; (3) inducing iron into the oceans to grow algae; (4) planting new forests; and (4) dispersing various chemicals in the atmosphere to reflect the sun’s rays back into space. 


And this comes at a time when the scientific community is finally admitting that data relied upon to support the claims of global warming has been “manipulated.”  I wonder how much the Clintons are going to make off of this? 


Q. You mentioned desalinization plants the other day as a method for help California through its drought.  Doesn’t Santa Barbara have one?  (Turk ~ Bakersfield, CA)
A. It has one that was mothballed years ago due to an abundance of water and the operating costs.  They are talking about starting it up again now, and there is one in the works for Cambria.  The costs are about 30% higher for such water, but at least you’ll have some salt left over to rub in your wounds.    

Q. Can Assad maintain power against I.S.I.S.? (Leonora ~ Davenport, WA)
A. I don’t think he’s worried about I.S.I.S.; he’s worried about the Syrian rebels who have recently captured another town.  One thing going for him is that the U.S. is too focused on getting a nuclear deal with Iran to pay attention to Syria. 

Q. What’s this about high school students challenging Common Core?  (Lucy ~ Colorado Springs, CO)
A. Juniors have not been showing up for their Common Core tests.  At one school in Seattle, the entire junior class skipped that testing period. Taking the tests is optional, but some school districts are threatening suspension or expulsion unless the students comply. 


“Rags, wretchedness, poverty and dirt, those signs and symbols that indicate the presence of Moslem rule.” ~ Mark Twain


Saturday, April 25, 2015


Little Spider Creations, run out of an old warehouse in Denver, is moving to South Carolina because, ever since Colorado legalized pot in 2012, company employees have been showing up to work stoned.  Little Spider has built Halloween-like props for Six Flags amusement parks, the Dollywood Theme Park in Tennessee, and other haunted house entertainment venues.  The company says work productivity and quality have suffered. 

Colorado will lose more businesses and employment opportunities for the same reasons.  It’s that old saying, “You reap what you sow.”  Colorado is truly going to pot in more ways than one. 

Q. North Korea has had a nuke for a few years. How many do you think they have?  And, would they use them?  (Lawrence ~ Bellingham, WA)
A. Estimates are they have between 16 and 20 of them and will have over 100 within a few years.  I suspect they are being made from American uranium shipped to Russia, then to Iran and exchanged by Iran with North Korea in return for technology.  As you have learned, the Clintons put together a deal to sell American uranium production to Russia, which is criminal regardless of how much money the Clintons made for themselves as a result.  North Korea also has the missiles capable of delivering a nuclear payload and, if the winds are blowing east toward the U.S., I wouldn't put it past them to nuke South Korea.  What an ugly world is being created. 

Q. Do you have anything to say about the death of an American hostage is a drone attack in Pakistan in January?  (Susanna ~ Seattle, WA)
A. Number one, why did it take three months for us to find out?  Number two, war is ugly and there is no full-proof way to guarantee that innocent people might become collateral damage.  Had we stayed in Iraq and Afghanistan, it is entirely probable that the attack would not have been needed.  And yes, I’m sorry for the family, but this is an example of why, if you’re engaged in conflict and war, you have to fight it with everthing you’ve got in order to win it convincingly and in the shortest amount of time possible.  Win and get out and you’ll end up saving lives.     

Q. I watched FOX News [last night] and ‘THE TANGLED CLINTON WEB.”  Do you think there’s anyone left in the country who would vote for that woman?  (Gwyneth ~ Meridian, ID)
A. Yes, the same ones who voted twice for Obama. 

“Ours is a world of nuclear giants and ethical infants.  We know more about war than we know about peace, more about killing than we know about living.” ~ Omar N. Bradley


Friday, April 24, 2015


PATRIOT UPDATE is reporting the A.C.L.U. is suing the federal government to require them to order Catholic agencies to offer abortions to illegal immigrants. 

That’s the last straw.  I’ve kept my damned mouth shut for way too long.  I am a Christian and I’m standing up firmly against gay marriage and abortion.  I’ve had enough… more than enough… of left-wing activists trying to force their agendas down my throat.  I will be very vocal about these subjects in the future. And if they don't like it, they know very well where to put it. 

Q. How do you feel about penalties for those who desecrate our flag?  (Dennis ~ Pocatello, ID)
A. Personally, I feel like they should be stripped of their citizenship and sent off to Siberia for a few years.  But, our democratic society and First Amendment give us the right to free speech and the courts say that desecrating a flag is a form of exercising free speech.  Those same people who desecrate flags, however, are the first to deny an American Conservative the right to free speech. 

Q. Why do you think John McCain intensely dislikes Rand Paul?  (Cora ~ Layton, UT)
A. Probably because McCain is a closet liberal and Paul is anything but.  And McCain is part of the old guard GOP which is dead-set on getting Jeb Bush into the White House, come hell or high water, although those of us in California would be tickled pink to have the high water. 

Q. What do you think about Marie Harf not getting the spokesperson job at State?  (Mickey ~ Buena Park, CA)
A. I think Hillary is planning on asking Harf to be her vice-presidential candidate.  They’ll make a great pair, just like two boobs in a pod. 

“He who wishes to be obeyed must know how to command.” ~ Niccolo Machiavelli


Thursday, April 23, 2015


The IRS' overloaded phone system hung up on more than 8 million taxpayers this filing season as the agency cut millions of dollars from taxpayer services according to a new staff report by Republicans on the House Ways and Means Committee.  The IRS diverted millions from taxpayer services and other areas to pay for ObamaCare.    

This president is sticking it to us in every way he can, isn’t he?  Aren’t you tired of bending over yet? 

Q. What’s your response to Hillary’s claims that her email, Benghazi and foreign contribution problems are merely “distractions?”  (Lydia ~ San Francisco, CA)
A. Who created them and why do they all involve legal and ethical issues, as well as outright deception?  Under Obama, we’ve already had over six years of this bull; do we really want eight more years?  Or, is it possible there’s some down-to-earth good sense left in some remote corner of the country? 

Q. The Koch brothers have named their five favorites in the GOP presidential race: Walker, Bush, Cruz, Paul and Rubio.  Do you agree?  (Mal ~ Salem, OR)
A. I agree with four of them.  One of them reminds me too much of his father and brother.  

Q. Michelle Leonhart has been forced out as DEA boss after she told Congress she couldn’t control the actions of her agents.  Aren’t there a lot of other Obamacrats who should be forced out as well?  (Terrance ~ Novato, CA)
A. Yes, you hit the nail on the head.  On the flip side, if they all bit the dust, Washington D.C. would be empty. 

“Clever gimmicks of mass distraction yield a cheap soulcraft of addicted and self-medicated narcissists.” ~ Cornel West


Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Representative Trey Gowdy is being investigated for being photographed with Representative Ken Buck while posing with a non-functional AR-15 in hand.  Having an AR-15 in the District of Columbia is illegal.  "I have a very patriotic AR-15 hanging in my office. It hangs directly above my Second Amendment flag," Buck told The Hill. "While safety protocols call for all guns to be treated as if they are loaded, this one isn't. Further, a close inspection of the only public photo of the rifle will show that the bolt carrier assembly is not in the rifle; it is in fact in Colorado."  The gun is in a locked, glass case and meets with the approval of Capitol Police. 

I think they’re trying to get Gowdy to back off the Benghazi and I.R.S. investigations. 

Q. Did I hear this right?  Ohio is honoring all out-of-state concealed-carry weapons permits?  (Moore ~ Los Angeles, CA)
A. You heard it correctly, as long as you are in Ohio temporarily. All states should adopt this new law. I have permits in three states, for example.  I had to complete an application with virtually the same information in each state, provide each state with a picture and fingerprints, have the same background check, take the exact same training course, and fork over some big bucks.  The redundancy is ridiculous and I’ll guarantee you that no criminal who carries a concealed gun has a permit.   

Q. Ted Cruz says military personnel should be authorized to carry weapons on military bases. I thought they could; it doesn’t make sense that they can’t carry, because they do have the training. (Reynaldo ~ Sierra Madre, CA)  
A. I whole-heartedly agree.  And picture this scenario: a military base comes under attack by a terrorist organization and all of the military members have to hotfoot it over to the armory to get issued a weapon so they can defend themselves.  Knowing how the government works, these guys will have to be fingerprinted and pass a current background check before they get the gun. 

Q. Franklin Graham came out the other day and said the U.S. should refuse to let Muslims from terrorist countries come here.  Isn’t that discrimination?  (Rita ~ Sierra Vista, AZ)
A. I’d rather go to jail for discrimination than to have my head chopped off.  This is war and we have every right to keep the enemy or the potential enemy out of the country. 

“Demoralize the enemy from within by surprise, terror, sabotage, assassination. This is the war of the future.” ~ Adolf Hitler