Saturday, February 28, 2015


Testimony before Congress this last week reveals that the “missing” Lois Lerner emails have been there and available from day one.  When the Inspector General started looking for them, it took only 15 days to find them and those in charge of the archives reported that no one internally had even bothered to ask for them. 

You and I both knew way back when Lois announced that he emails had been inadvertently destroyed that it was a big fat lie.  Obama, the DOJ and the IRS have successfully stalled any “discovery” of the missing emails for about two years.  The I.G. announced in November of 2014 that he had “found” the emails and here we are almost five months after that before Congress manages to drag IRS officials in for questioning.    

Q. Any thoughts about CPAC? ~ (Winston ~ La Fayette, CA)
A. It seems to me that there has been one helluva lot of criticism of Obama and that there has been little proactive dialogue about what any of these potential candidates will do to get our ship of state headed back in the right direction.  Of course, there is little evidence to demonstrate that any political candidate knows north from south. 

Q. Obama is using another Executive Order, this time to ban the manufacture, sale or possession of ammo for AR-15s.  Hasn’t the Supreme Court already ruled that banning ammo amounts to banning guns and is against the 2nd Amendment?  (Harvey ~ Hollywood, CA)
A. Obama got away with Fast & Furious, Benghazi, the IRS targeting and, evidently, his illegal and unconstitutional order on amnesty.  He therefore has a green light to do anything he wants.  Congress doesn’t have the balls to stop him and America doesn’t have the balls to force Congress to do its job.  Next up: the banning of possession of handguns.  So, what are you going to do about that? 

Q. What’s this about ObamaCare paying $3 billion in unauthorized payments to insurance companies?  (Gwen ~ Kalamazoo, MI)
A. That’s correct, and when Congress asked the Department of Treasury how that happened and where the money came from, they got told to buzz off. 

“The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant.”  ~ Maximilien Robespierre


Friday, February 27, 2015


Newt Gingrich is urging a congressional investigation into U.S. influence-buying by Islamist and other foreign government interests in the Middle East.

The focus right now is on the millions and millions of dollars pouring into a Clinton foundation from foreign governments.  Now, a little history:  Back in 2008, millions and millions of small and untraceable donations poured into Obama’s coffers from unidentified foreign sources, which is totally against the law.  The Federal Elections Commission vowed to get to the bottom of it and around four or five years later they quietly and without fanfare announced that there was no violation.  Hillary, ever the bright student, has hijacked the Obama fund-raising plan.  Gingrich says, and I wholeheartedly agree with him, that those who do these things and accept these monies should be called into accountability, and not by the current regime.    

Q. The FCC ruled [yesterday] that “net neutrality” is being ordered into effect.  Any thoughts?  (Darlene ~ Eureka, CA)
A. There’s two sides to the story: (1) if you’re a user of Netflix and other streaming movies, you want faster speeds, and (2) if you’re not such a user, you don’t want your speed slowed down so the others can enjoy their movies.  In either event, you’re probably for the net neutrality edict.  On the other hand, the FCC did not have public hearings and did not notify Congress of its intended rulemaking as required by law. And, of course, once the government starts regulating anything, it is driven by the overwhelming and uncontrollable thirst to control it and tax completely.   

Q. Why haven’t the Republicans come up with a health care plan alternative, as Ben Carson says they should?  (Lindsey ~ Longview, TX)
A. You will note that the Republicans have a lot of trouble agreeing within their party on anything. Hence, they whine a lot and accomplish little.   

Q. I cannot believe the uproar that has ensued over Rudy Giuliani’s suggestion that Obama is not a patriotic American and does not love the country.  Don’t people have the right to say what they think anymore?  (Jewel ~ Pocatello, ID)
A. No.  We gave that right away when ewe reelected Obama. 

“I weep for the liberty of my country when I see at this early day of its successful experiment that corruption has been imputed to many members of the House of Representatives, and the rights of the people have been bartered for promises of office.”  ~ Andrew Jackson


Thursday, February 26, 2015


Susan Rice says Netanyahu’s visit to Congress next week is "destructive of the fabric of the relationship" between Israel and the U.S. 

The Democrats, who are making asses of themselves by refusing to attend Netanyahu’s address, asked Netanyahu to speak only to them and in a closed-door caucus session. Netanyahu has wisely declined.  I think the revelations in the past two days about what is really going on in Iran are just the tip of the iceberg and Obama and his Democrat zombies are furious, and very afraid of what we are going to learn.   

Q. Do you think Obama is a Muslim?  (Larry ~ Bishop, CA)
A. Yes, but that has nothing to do with the fact that he is a Marxist, seemingly hell-bent on destroying our democracy and dismantling our Constitution.  In other words, I judge him by his actions, not his religion... and his actions suck big time.     

Q. Do you believe I.S.I.S. is waging a holy war against Christians?  (Paula ~ Henderson, NV)
A. I believe I.S.I.S. is waging a holy war against everyone who refuses to join them, regardless of religion.  Now then, if you are a Christian, this is the time to start deciding whether or not, faced with having your head lopped off or denying Christ, what you will do.   

Q. I hear that hundreds of security badges are missing from Atlanta’s Hartfield International Airport.  How did it happen and what are they doing about it?  (Keith ~ Orem, UT)
A. Over 1,400 badges are missing.  The airport authority is not concerned, saying they are only a small portion of the 60,000 badges currently issued and that their electronic functions allowing access to secured areas can be deactivated when an employee leaves or loses his badge.  Yeah, well… thieves create phony credit cards every day; what’s to say they cannot use a stolen badge to gain access to secured areas?  I concur with those who say that our national security is at greater peril than at any time since 9/11. 

“If you want total security, go to prison.  There you’re fed, clothed, given medical care and so on.  The only thing lacking is freedom.” ~ Dwight D. Eisenhower


Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Low income taxpayers who qualified for a tax credit when they signed up for ObamaCare are now being billed an average of more than $530 in additional taxes because the IRS considers the tax credit as being taxable income.  According to a study by H & R Block, a majority of credit recipients--52 percent--have had to pay back the IRS an average of $530, reducing their refunds by an average of 17 percent.

Gosh, gee whiz: Obama evidently told another lie. 

Q. Liars, liars, liars.  Now the new Veterans Administration Secretary admits he lied about being in the Special Forces.  When will these lies stop?  (Tong ~ San Francisco, CA)
A. Don’t be so judgmental.  Obama lies profusely, yet no one holds him accountable; instead, they reelect him.  Maybe McDonald is simply warming up to run for president. 

Q. Can Congress override Obama’s veto of the XL Pipeline?  (Dinah ~ El Sobrante, CA)
A. I think so, but what difference does it make?  If Obama doesn’t want the pipeline built, he will simply refuse to issue the necessary permits from the EPA and other involved agencies.  He has declared himself emperor and it seems no one in this country is willing to impeach him.  Therefore, our Constitution is, in effect, null and void and Obama is totally in charge.  Bend over, unless you're willing to speak out. 

Q. Will Putin continue to invade Ukraine?  (Lynnette ~ Sequim, WA)
A. Yes, and he intends to go after Poland, Georgia… all of the countries which gained independence and freedom during the Reagan years.  Who is going to stop him, Popeye? 

“I am what I am and that’s all that I am.” ~ Popeye


Tuesday, February 24, 2015


The current “deal” in the works between the U.S. and Iran is a two-phase plan which will allow Iran to proceed with nuclear weapons after ten years.  Officials from the six-power talks with Iran said details are still being negotiated.  U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry joined the negotiations after arriving Sunday.

I’m too angry to comment except to say that we need to get this “president" out of office, TODAY.  PLEASE contact your Congressional delegation without delay. 

Q. I understand a judge recently nominated by Obama is saying all illegals detained by the Border Patrol must be released immediately.  What in the hell is going on?  (Demetri ~ Pacific Grove, CA)
A. A federal judge has ordered the government to grant U.S. civil rights to illegals that are caught at the border and to release all migrants except for those who may endanger Americans.  He says the migrants “may have legitimate claims to asylum … [and] their presence here may become permanent … [so] that they are entitled to the protection of the Due Process Clause, especially when it comes to deprivations of liberty.” Our country is being systematically dismantled, with increasing velocity. 

Q. What do you think of the I.S.I.S. announcement they are going after shopping malls?  (Grace ~ Yankton, SD)
A. I am very concerned that Jeh Johnson would come out with a warning to Americans to “be careful” when going to a shopping mall.  Is he trying to single-handedly destroy the national economy?  Is he admitting that the Department of Homeland Security is incapable of protecting us against terrorism?  Should we surrender now? 

Q. Are we all of the way out of Afghanistan now?  (Leonora ~ Burns, OR)
A. No.  In fact, Obama is being forced to consider leaving our troops that are in Afghanistan right now stay there for at least two more years.  Administration officials claim it’s because the Afghan government is being more cooperative, but the facts are that I.S.I.S. was born because we got out of Iraq and Obama has been raked over the coals because of it, so he’s being more cautious. 

“No one man can terrorize a whole nation unless we are all his accomplices.” ~ Edward R. Murrow