Thursday, August 31, 2017


As hot as it is, it may not feel like fall.  But, fall is actually on our doorstep. Usually, somewhere around the middle of September, the oppressive heat breaks and overnight temperatures begin to plummet.  

With these changes looming, summer activities reach their final peak and we drift into winter.  School begins, Labor Day comes and goes, the Intermountain Fairgrounds comes to life, the veterans organizations recognize POW/MIA day and the McArthur-Burney Falls Park caps off the season with Heritage Day at the Park. 

This year, we've had the wettest in recorded history and also the hottest.  But, we have a whole lot to be thankful for.  We're not under five feet of water everywhere.  No major fire has threatened our way of life.  No earthquakes, diseases or pestilence have besieged us.  And newspapers carry only good news.  

How can we ask for anything better than this?  

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Monday, July 31, 2017


There are plenty of fine folks in the area that runs from Round Mountain all of the way to Alturas and from Mt. Shasta all of the way to Shingletown.  There are countless people and organizations out there who are constantly seeking ways to maintain and improve our ways of life.  

Take the area's only Masonic Lodge, for example.  Fort Crook Lodge 250 of Free and Accepted Masons in Fall River Mills has for many years secured backpacks full of school supplies to give to second grade students in the Intermountain area.  This is no small undertaking: you have to coordinate with the schools involved, find backpacks that are decent and durable, shop for the goodies to go into them and physically pack them in, and distribute them.  Certainly not least, it takes finding the money to get the job done.  

There are many organizations that do good things and we should all be involved to at least some extent in at least one of them.  The quality of life we enjoy is so terrific that we really do owe it to each other to give a little bit back... don't we?  

Monday, July 24, 2017


They say you can't fight city hall, but I beg to differ. 

The Intermountain Community is justifiably concerned about the problem of transients and homeless persons, as well as the associated crime that comes along with it... drugs, alcohol abuse, petty theft, property damage, general vandalism, littering... and in some cases violent crime such as rape, battery and even murder.  There was a day when these issues were dealt with everywhere by making a simple call to law enforcement, which sent officers to the scene and rousted out the trouble-makes or even carted them off to jail.  So, although the problem existed, it was a minor thing. 

Things have gotten so bad in the Intermountain area that citizens and newspapers recently forced Shasta County bigwigs to show up for a community meeting.  It was a major disappointment: the bigwigs wrung their hands, shifted their eyes, shrugged their shoulders and came up with the same old excuse that every agency in the country comes up with when things fall apart... they need more money. 

You would have thought that someone among the gathering of elitist bigwigs would have suggested forming a community commission to investigate the underlying causes of transients and homeless people in the area and to identify some possible courses of action that we can undertake to get our State Legislature to come to grips with what has to be done.  Maybe we need more agencies targeting the issue of homelessness.  Maybe we need some community vocational training and assistance in finding jobs for some of these people.  Maybe we need to pressure our schools, churches and other institutions to step up to the plate.

The point is, we don't know where to start to mitigate the social ills that are causing these problems until we investigate the underlying causes and determine positive and proactive courses of action.  Simply throwing money at it won't make it go away.  

A hopeless shrug of the shoulders, a rolling of the eyes and a plea of agency poverty won't get the job done and is totally irresponsible.  If these tactics are their only answers, this festering problem is only going to get worse; citizens will ghat more angry and somebody is bound to get hurt.    

The country seems to be full of politicians who pay mere lip service when it comes to doing their jobs; obviously, Shasta County is no exception.   Hopefully, the bigwigs in Redding will read this and understand that even without money, they can get a better grip on these problems and come up with a few potential solutions which they can pass along to the State Legislature. 

Come the next election, our duty will be to replace those who have abdicated their responsibilities to us with candidates who have some degree of intelligence and dedication toward resolving the many issues facing Intermountain citizens in this day and age. 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


I've decided to totally revamp the BURNEY MOUNTAIN HERMIT.  You can read more about the decision on today's post at MY AMERICAN OPINION.  

The focus of this blog will change to activities, events and happenings in the Intermountain community of Northern California.  Posts will occur less frequently and on no particular schedule for the moment.  I need to contemplate how this change will take place and get a feel for it.  

I thank my loyal readers and those who have submitted questions for your interest and help. 

Monday, July 17, 2017


The Justice Department has busted a nationwide medical fraud in which 412 people have been arrested and charged with fraud and opioid scams totaling $1.3 billion in false billing, according to The Associated Press.  Attorney General Jeff Sessions said that medical professionals were among those arrested, including doctors, nurses and pharmacists who “have chosen to violate their oaths and put greed ahead of their patients.” 

Official estimates are that it will cost $1.3 billion to build the wall along the U.S.-Mexican border.  Results after several border walls were built in foreign countries is that the wall will reduce illegal immigration by 90%; since those people either end up in jail for committing crimes or end up as extra cost burdens to the American society, the savings will be even more.  The real question here is why didn’t Loretta Lynch catch these crooks?  

Q. How do you feel about the latest Russia flap with Donald Trump Jr.?  (Magdalena ~ Santa Fe, NM)
A. This is not about investigating wrongdoing and bringing people to justice; it’s about trying to usurp the election and the democratic process.  If this was about routing out corruption and holding people accountable for their actions, they’d also be sincerely investigating Obama, Clinton, Lynch, Rice, Comey, Holder and a few others.  They’re not, which reveals their true intentions and I, for one, am sick and tired of this continuous unadulterated horse manure. 

Q. Any thoughts on the hundreds of New York City cops who turned their backs on New York’s Mayor de Blasio the other day?  (Ginny ~ Igo, CA)
A. He should just fire every damned one of them.  I mean, he’s a radical, left-wing, liberal Communist, so he can do that.  He doesn't like cops anyway, so why have them?  

Q. I’m so afraid that Congress is going to just patch up ObamaCare and claim victory.  Don’t they care what we, the people, think?  (Lucinda ~ Pomona, CA)
A. I don’t think there’s a person in Congress, Democrat, Republican or otherwise, who really gives a hoot about what we think or want.  They’re in their own little worlds, and we’re excluded.  They have no principles, no scruples and no consciences.  I can hardly wait for November of 2018.     

“I rant.  Therefore, I am.” ~ Dennis Miller


Thursday, July 13, 2017


Democrats have willfully and repeatedly peddled, discredited and disputed information to tarnish President Donald Trump and his administration, begging the question of who's actually colluding with Russia, The Washington Times reports.

What is even worse is that Congressional Republicans have taken absolutely no steps to support Trump.  They have therefore become complicit in the effort to force Trump out of office, and every damned one of them, along with their liberal progressive Democrat cohorts needs to be removed from office in November of 2018.  We’re going to have to do that ourselves; nobody manufactures a strong enough pesticide to get the job done otherwise. 

Q. What do you know about this so-called Russian lawyer who reportedly met with Trump Jr. and has the Democrats foaming at the mouth?  (Ginger ~ Auburn, CA)
A. She has been linked to Fusion GPS, an operative of the Democrat Party.  In other words, the whole “meeting” was intended to be a set up. She has also been allegedly spotted at several Obama rallies or conferences.  The Democrats need to be fully exposed for who and what they are… liars, schemers and pure anti-American trash. 

Q. What’s your opinion on using U.S., money to build the Mexican border wall?  (Chester ~ Lexington, KY)
A. The wall absolutely has to be built.  We have to secure that border permanently and effectively before we can deal with the issues of illegals in the country.  And the people employed in designing, permitting and building the wall, along with providing materials and equipment, will have a positive impact on a labor market that is still in horrible shape.     

Q. Do you think the Senate will accomplish anything productive by delaying its August recess?  (Boyd ~ Tulelake, CA)
A. No.  I think it’s an exercise in futility and designed solely for the purpose of making us think they really want to do their jobs.  Were they serious and if they really thought they could come together and get something accomplished, they would have agreed to work straight thru until the major issues they are facing are resolved.   

“Their final objective toward which all their deceit is directed is to capture political power so that, using the power of the state and the power of the market simultaneously, they may keep the common man in eternal subjection.” ~ Henry A. Wallace