Saturday, May 23, 2015


Through countless legal battles going all of the way to the Supreme Court, the Boy Scouts of America fought gay activists off and retained the right to exclude them from the ranks of the leadership and membership alike.  Then, bowing to pressure from corporate sponsors, the organization allowed gay Boy Scout membership beginning in January of 2014.  Now, the organization’s president, Robert Gates, is openly calling for gays to be allowed as leaders. 

And that, I presume, puts young heterosexual males at risk of whatever gay adult leaders want to say or do.  I was very active in Scouting for many years and received many awards of recognition.  As soon as the decision to allow gay boys into the organization was made, I contacted the Scouts and told them they could have their awards back.  Membership in Scouting has dropped from five million to two million during this period of time, meaning three million boys and/or their parents don’t want to be exposed to the gay community.  The sad part is those boys will be missing out on the rich experiences that Scouting has traditionally provided.  It is a travesty that the organization no longer wishes to espouse traditional values.    

Q. Do you think the release of the Clinton emails will finally uncovered the real truth about Benghazi?  (Perry ~ Medford, OR)
A. It seems we are confirming what many of us suspected, that U.S. arms were being shuffled through Libya to the Syrians.  We don’t know how much of the money involved was being skimmed off by Hillary.  It is obvious to me that Obama sure as hell didn’t want any details leaking out before the 2012 elections.  I don’t know whether we will ever glean the full story from Hillary’s emails as I am sure they have been sanitized more thoroughly than any operating room in the country. 

Q. Is Josh Earnest an idiot, as John McCain alleges?  (Myra ~ Memphis, TN)
A. No; Josh doesn’t measure up to those standards. 

Q. I know you’re upset with what is going on the Middle East and the total lack of leadership in the White House.  What are your feelings about Memorial Day? (Mitch ~ San Antonio, TX)
A. I wonder why this president and his zombies don’t just openly express themselves and head for the military cemeteries to burn flags and piss on graves. 

“Patriotism was a living fire of unquestioned belief and purpose.” ~ Frank Knox


Friday, May 22, 2015


This time, I.S.I.S. moved far into Syria and captured Palmyra, giving them virtual control over half of Syria and about 40% of Iraq.  I.S.I.S. has now penetrated nine different countries without significant resistance from local forces. The United States, although asked for increased airstrikes by local armies who were trying to protect their cities, has been unresponsive.   

I.S.I.S., unlike the U.S., appears to have a well-thought-out strategy.  Their current positions will enable them to strike out at Turkey, at Israel and at Saudi Arabia.  In gaining control over these latest territories, they have also captured weapons and heavy artillery, and their ranks of militant terrorists are growing by leaps and bounds.  Nobody in the world has been on the march like this since Hitler in Europe.  And Obama has named global warming as our biggest enemy. 

Q. Thirty-one million Americans still have no insurance?  (Pansy ~ Richmond, CA)
A. I think that figure is actually only about 30 million.  But, 31 million who do have insurance are underinsured because they cannot afford the premiums or the deductibles.  Now the Republicans, who campaigned in the last election on promises to get rid of ObamaCare, are saying they will probably not do that.  They just will NOT take advantage of their numbers, will they? 

Q. Iran is adamant they that will not allow any inspections of their nuclear or military facilities whatsoever.  What’s Obama going to do now?  (Jarvis ~ Sacramento, CA)
A. Uhhhh… well…. ummm…   His attention has shifted to the more imminent danger of global warming. 

Q. Why won’t Obama face the reality of I.S.I.S. and commit to its destruction?  (Turner ~ Flagstaff, AZ)
A. Because they’re Muslims. 

“There is no greater threat to America than Islam.” ~ William G. Boykin


Thursday, May 21, 2015


During his speech at the Coast Guard Commencement ceremonies, President Obama warned that climate change was part of the reason behind increasing violence in countries around the world.  BREITBART.COM reports Obama claims that Boko Haram got its impetus due to global warming and the unrest in Syria which descended into internal conflict there was also caused by global warming. 

Using the same logic, the Baltimore riots were also caused by global warming.  The White House bull manure just keeps on oozing and oozing.  Obama could easily put any used car salesman's spiel to total shame. 

Q. John Boehner ripped the Veterans Administration because, regardless of all of the scandal and bad service they’ve been giving veterans, only one person has been fired from the agency in the last year.  The bad service and scandal seems to be continuing.  How do we put a stop to it?  (Parker ~ Burlingame, CA)
A. It’s not isolated to the V.A.; we have rampant abuse of the public need in virtually every agency of government.  That means it has become a culture, created, manifested, and imbedded from the top echelon… the White House and Congress.  We should send them all home on vacation until after the 2016 elections. 

Q. They’re recalling 34 million or more airbags and they don’t have anything to replace them with yet?  (Oliver ~ Fairfax, VA)
A. It’s a typical government operation; it’s being managed the same way they’re managing the war against terrorism.  Well, at least it’s a step in the right direction.  The real airbag they should be recalling is Nancy Pelosi. 

Q. They had an oil pipeline rupture and spill oil near Santa Barbara.  Doesn’t that really highlight the danger inherent in the Keystone Pipeline?  (Betty ~ Orem, UT)
A. There is a danger in transporting oil by pipeline.  There is also a danger in transporting it by rail, by truck and by ship.  The pipeline danger, per barrel transported, is far less.  You have to put things in proper perspective; the only way to eliminate the danger is to keep the oil in the ground.  Are you ready to hire a team of horses in order to get around? 

“We aren’t addicted to oil, but our cars are.” ~ J. Paul Getty


Wednesday, May 20, 2015


An August 5, 2012, Defense Intelligence Agency report obtained by Judicial Watch indicates that members of the Obama administration were warned in August 2012 of the rise of ISIS and the possibility of it creating a caliphate. This happened over a year before Obama referred to the group as a “JV team.”  An October 2012 report further detailed that members of the administration knew that arms were being shipped from Libya to Syria, despite claims by administration officials of their ignorance of such events.  A third report from September 12, 2012, offers damning evidence that, within 24 hours of the terrorist attack in Benghazi, evidence piled up that the attack had been planned for at least a week and was revenge for the June 2012 drone strike that killed an al-Qaeda strategist—not an attack caused by an anti-Islam video, as the Obama administration claimed.


Why should we be surprised?  Obama is either incompetent or treasonous or both. 


Q. Who is Sidney Blumenthal?  (Bautista ~ San Jose, CA)
A. Blumenthal, who calls himself a journalist, has been a close friend of the Clintons for decades, acting as a speechwriter, confidant and close advisor.  He evidently wrote many emails to Hillary while she was Secretary of State, specifically regarding Libya.  This relationship was reportedly against the wishes and direction of Obama.  Blumenthal was allegedly working on a business deal while in Libya and while advising Hillary.  Congressman Trey Gowdy seeks to subpoena Blumenthal’s testimony because he wants to know what was in those emails. Everyone involved is desperately trying to head that off. 

Q. Are you happy now that Hillary is talking about the emails, Foundation and Benghazi?  (Willard ~ Provo, UT)
A. She may be talking, but is she saying anything? 

Q. Any response to Josh Earnest saying, about the embarrassing defeat in Ramadi, “Are we going to light our hair on fire every time there’s a setback?” (Orem ~ Port Angeles, WA)

A. What an arrogant remark from such an insensitive dolt. 


“You can’t help but… with 20/20 hindsight, go back and say, ‘Look, had we done something different, we probably wouldn’t be facing what we are facing today.” ~ Norman Schwarzkopf


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A.C.~ D.C.

The children of Fairfax County, Virginia will be taught that, no matter their biological and physical make-up, they can be any gender that they choose. If a girl suddenly decides that she is a boy, then she will be accepted as a boy until or unless she chooses not to be a boy any longer.


How nice.  That’s so sweet.  Just think: If the opportunity had been around when Obama was a little boy, perhaps she would have taken advantage of the situation. 


Q. Not much is being said about the close relationship between North Korea and Iran.  Is it possible North Korea is helping Iran with its nuclear weapons program?  (Carlisle ~ Palo Alto, CA)
A. That’s a given.  That’s also another thing to be considered in this so-called nuclear weapons “deal” being pursued by Obama and Kerry.  There is every reason to believe that Iran’s first nuclear explosion will occur in North Korea to avoid tipping off the rest of the world.  What we are doing talking with Iran in the first place at this point is beyond me. 

Q. What do you suppose is actually happening right now in Ramadi?  (Curt ~ Killeen, TX)
A. I.S.I.S. is plundering, raping, and killing anyone who gets in their way.  As of this writing, over 25,000 people have fled the city and hundreds of bodies lay rotting in the streets.  They will next destroy historical artifacts, temples and other things of cultural significance.  A few hundred or more Iraqi’s will actually join the ranks of I.S.I.S.  And Obama is undoubtedly on the golf course. 

Q. Glenn Beck is saying we should be preparing for an all-out war, such as we have never seen in our lifetime.  Isn’t he being a little melodramatic?  (Cassie ~ Everett, WA)
A. I was reading that they have determined I.S.I.S. is already in Rome and we have also been told of I.S.I.S. encampments just south of our own border.  Our White House continues to treat this horrible Islamic threat as a yawner.  I predict that sometime in the very near future, there will be a devastating attack here, maybe even worse than that of 9/11, and that we could very well be faced with activated Islamic terrorist cells currently waiting for the call to arms within the country.  I may also sound melodramatic, but I’ve not yet been found to be wrong on this subject matter.  Buy long guns, plenty of ammo, and learn how to shoot. 


“Nobody ever defended anything successfully; there is only attack and attack, and attack some more.” ~ George S. Patton